Version : 1.5.1
Votes: 7


TangoBB is a project for a new and simple bulletin board. Bigger improvements, better experience. Continuing to create a forum software that is easy to use.

  Space Required : 15.12 MB

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  Release Date : 24-07-2015

  • Customisable : Highly customisable from theme management to usergroup editing.
  • User Friendly : The administration interface is easy to use and understand with interchangeable UI.
  • Gravatar Support : Use Gravatar as profile picture or upload one directly onto your forum.
  • Extension System : Easily create extensions to add additional features to your forum.
  • Mutiple Language Support : TangoBB allows you to change or create languages for the front-end of your forum.
  • Private Messages : User-to-user private conversations with unread message notifications.
  • Admin Terminal : Single-line commands that can be used to do functions without having to click through multiple pages.
  • Theme Editor : Edit themes in the administation panel with a simple interface.
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